Frequently Asked Question

Is using solutions manual and test bank legal?

Test Bank contains practice exam and quiz questions and answers. There is no law preventing students from studying from a study guide such as test bank or solutions manual. Students must understand that they should use test bank or solutions manual as a reference purpose, NOT for cheating purpose. We strongly discourage students from cheating. We, however, strongly support open learning system in which students can use all kinds of materials to learn including test bank and solutions manual

Will my professor use the questions from test banks or solutions manual?

Faculties or professor might or might not use the test bank questions for the exam or test. Like students, professor must be wise when using questions from the test bank. It is advised for them to edit or rearrange the questions. One of the mistakes that professor makes is to purely copy the test questions directly. One method is to randomize the questions for each students.

Will I get caught buying test bank or solutions manual?

We are very discreet and confidential regarding customer information. We NEVER EVER share our customer information and their purchases to any parties. In fact, we use highly safe payment system that will protect your confidentiality.

How many questions in the test bank or solutions manual?

For test bank, the numbers of questions vary by textbooks, but expect 30-50 questions per chapter (including Multiple Choice, True False, Short Answer, and sometimes Essay Questions). For solutions manual, it gives the answers to problems in the textbook

Will using test bank or solutions manual improve my grades?

95% of our students/clients who used our service are extremely happy that they were able to boost their GPAs. Most students said that they learned much better with the help of test bank and solutions manual. We've got a lot of thank you notes from them after they graduated. We were happy because we were able to be part of their success. School is just the gateway to the real world working environment. With good GPA, they were able to secure good full-time positions or even became entrepreneurs.

Are your test bank new, valid and reliable?

If you define valid and reliable as a good source of study materials, then the answer is YES. If you ask whether the questions will come up in your exam, the answer is WE DON'T KNOW and we cannot guarantee! Yes our test banks cover new editions as well for the 2019 - 2018 editions.

Are we going to share your personal information?

We do not sell, trade, or rent Users personal identification information to others. None of our students expressed any problems from purchasing test bank or solutions manual

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